Project Director’s message


Syed Hussain Haider

By the grace of Almighty Allah the main infrastructure of our Institute has been completed and it is my pleasure to express that the standard of infrastructure and allied facilities established over the last one year of preparation is commendable and praise worthy. Akhuwat FIRST is a solid proof of the continuous hardwork, resolution and commitment of the team of Akhuwat.

To keep up with the demands of the progressive development phase of our country, Akhuwat FIRST team is working with an accelerated pace to start other degrees of undergraduate and postgraduate in the Biological sciences. All the course at Akhuwat FIRST give a comprehensive background of the relevance of the various subjects of Biotechnology, where aspiring candidates are exposed to the realities of their professions and advised by the highly reputed faculty to adjust within the cultural framework.

Biotechnology is becoming a major source to solve the problems associated with food shortage, health, environmental pollution and natural resource depletion. Although, a lot of universities in Pakistan are focusing on research in Biotechnology and molecular biology, yet there is shortage of trained manpower in this area. Students at Akhuwat-FIRST are taught to write short projects and carry their research independently in different fields of biotechnology including Plant, Industrial, Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Human and Medical.

Educational institutions are known by the quality of education, the professionalism of faculty, management, the vision of board of governors and the value of alumini in the society. Akhuwat FIRST has foreign and local qualified PhD faculty, professional management and passion to establish it as centre of excellence in biotechnology.

If you are hardworking, intellectually curious, and eager to improve your skills, I warmly welcome you to Akhuwat FIRST and assure you that you have made the right decision.

Syed Hussain Haider

Group Head, AES
Project Director Akhuwat University/College/Schools
Director AISEM

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Syed Hussain Haider

Project Director


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