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Dr. M. Amjad Saqib

Chairman / Founder, Akhuwat
  • Congratulations to our Faculty Member Ms. Tehreem Hayat on securing 2nd position in 5th One Day Symposium on Nanotechnology held at National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE)
  • Admission 2021-2022 have been cancelled this year by the competent authority
  • Akhuwat FIRST Entry Test 2020 has Been rescheduled due to Flood and Rainstorm Now test will be conducted on respective dates 19-9-2020 and 20-9-2020
  • Quiz Result of 4th Prof. (Researcher) has been announced.
  • Result of 1st Assessment 2020 of All Prof Has Been Announced
  • Provisional List of Research Students for 4th Professional has been uploaded on website
  • Tentative List of Research Students for 4th Professional has been uploaded on website
  • The Result of (Hons.) Biotechnology Annual Examination 2020 has been announced.
  • Notification regarding the grading of online assignment and quizzes uploaded.
  • Online Classes will be started on 5th April 2020.
  • Established Mammalian Molecular Genetics Lab (MMGL).
  • Organizing Event on Solidarity with the Muslims of Kashmir at Akhuwat-FIRST on 14th February 2020.
  • Congratulations to our Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Ali on the establishment of Cell Culture Lab.

Research Groups

Plant & Biofuel Group (PABG)

The primary focus of this group is on Plant Stress Resistance, Bio fuel Production and Micro propagation of Disease-free Plants

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Human Infectious Diseases Group

We deals with the characterization of infectious pathogens along with their antimicrobials resistance strategies, screening for new antimicrobials and finding new candidates for the development of new diagnostics & vaccines.

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Mammalian Molecular Genetics Lab (MMGL) Group

Introduction of MMGL: We deals with the transcriptional, translational, and metabolic studies of diabetes, breast cancer, and liver injury.  We utilized prokaryotic system, cell lines, mouse models, and human samples for our research work. During the diabetes and cancer that are due to uneven metabolism, we check the transcription of the genes and protein level. […]

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Aqua Culture Biotechnology Group

Biotechnology provides powerful tools for sustainable of aquaculture, fisheries and also in food industry. Demand for fish is soaring worldwide. So aquaculture could help to meet increasing demands and biotechnology can make great contribution to improve the yields. Our present research work was done on the molecular characterization of freshwater carnivorous fish Sperata sarwari in […]

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