Bioinformatics Group

The mission of the Bioinformatics group is to provide a collaborative learning environment with main focus on life sciences.

The main objectives of Bioinformatics group are:

  1.  to conduct computational research in key areas of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology,
  2.  to make fundamental discoveries
  3. to generate innovative solutions to practical problems
  4. to develop new technologies for commercial applications.

Bioinformatics group is mainly focused on the following studies

Sequence Data analysis:

DNA sequence quality analysis, Quality trimming, Clustering, Alignment, variant analysis, phylogenetic analysis, and multiple sequence analysis.


Antigen prediction, antigenic peptide prediction, B-cell epitope prediction, T-Cell epitope prediction, proteasome cleavage prediction, codon optimization, insilico 3D structure development from peptide sequence, molecular docking of antigen and antibody.

Bioinformatics for epigenetics studies:

CGIs prediction, Promoter prediction, TF binding side prediction, exons and introns finding, UTR prediction, ORF and CDS finding, in-silico bisulfite conversion, Bisulphite specific primer design, Data analysis.

Structural Bioinformatics:

Protein structure prediction, 3D structure analysis of protein, Molecular docking.

Primer and PCR design by in-silico:

 Primer design for end point PCR,cloning primer design, primer for site-specific mutagenesis,  qPCR primer design, PCR facilitated deletion of Ring domain from human TRAF6, PCR facilitated generation of the point mutation, PCR-facilitated addition of HA tag at N-term of TRAF6.

Group member:

Muhammad Mohsin Arshad