Biotechnology Scope

Biotechnology; Scope in Present and Future:

Biotechnology is essential for the sustainable development of the country. This is in fact the science of the future and the experts in this discipline are in highest demand, in Pakistan as well as abroad.

Biotechnology is currently being used in many areas including agriculture, bioremediation, food processing and energy production. DNA fingerprinting is becoming a common practice in forensics. Production of insulin and other medicines is accomplished through cloning of vectors that carry the chosen gene. In agriculture, genetic engineering is being used to produce plants that are resistant to insects, weeds and plant diseases.

The future of biotechnology is so promising that experts in this field are surprising the world with new improved quality products. There are artists and architects collaborating with biochemists and geneticists to theorize about the possibility of creating living houses for humans. These houses would be made of living plants genetically engineered to be perfect habitats living symbiotically with humans, including cool or warm climate controls, plumbing (fresh water and waste digestion), food provision, and light energy capture, storage, and production. Different textures, colours, and functions are unlimited in theory. Researchers have recently isolated the genes related to schizophrenia and are conducting research leading to the investigation of a cure or treatment.

The last few decades of 20th century have witnessed the development of a number of novel and new techniques in biological sciences that have not only taken research to a greater level, but also hold the great promise of a better life for the upcoming future. Therefore, it is very crucial for Pakistan to play and contribute to new developments in this field. We are proud to be the first to provide a dedicated and research based degree to our talented students.

Scope of Biotechnology graduates:

The graduates will be able to find lucrative opportunities in many industries e.g. Pharmaceutical industry, chemical and bio-process technology industry, research fields, medical laboratories, agriculture etc. There are also attractive career opportunities available in petrochemical industry where the biotechnology graduates will play an important role to develop new compounds, extreme ophiles and oil spills.

Biotechnology also has a strong role in environmental protection practices as this field helps to identify and improve the fungi and bacterial culture to use them in environmental cleansing.

Health technology and medical research is also one of those fields in which biotechnology is high in demand as biotechnology is required to develop various medicines to detect and treat various diseases.