About Us

Introduction to AKHUWAT FIRST

“The centre of excellence in Biotechnology”

Akhuwat Faisalabad Institute of Research, Science and Technology (FIRST), is located in Faisalabad at Chak 250 RB, about thirty minutes’ drive from the city centre and fifteen minutes’ drive from Faisalabad international Airport. The primary aim of the institute since its inception (2005) has been to impart quality education in Science and Technology and the promotion of applied and basic research. It is affiliated with the University of Health Sciences, Lahore.

At present, the institute covers an area of about fourty two thousand square feet which adequately caters to the requirements of undergraduate courses in B.Sc. (Hons) in Biotechnology. It has a faculty of nearly 15 teachers with 6 Ph.D including world-renowned scientists. We are expanding our educational, laboratory and research facilities as we intend to start M.Phil and Ph.D Biotechnology programs in the near future. A new custom made hostel has been completed to accommodate 300 students.

We have about two hundred and twenty kanals of land on which we intend to construct the integrated campus, including a state of the art auditorium, mess, and staff residences. Play grounds and athletics facilities are also available. We have a forward-looking vision to develop this institute into a world-class facility for research and education.

"Akhuwat FIRST aims to provide quality education of (inter) national standard within our cultural framework to prepare them for a community of future scientist to attain excellence through high-quality management, valuable training, and quality research with benefits to students, the society, the country and the wider world"

"To prepare young scientists for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical thinking skills, global perspective, and respect for values especially integrity and compassion, to contribute to develop a socially progressive and economically vibrant poverty-free society.

  • To provide cutting edge quality education to students
  • To create community awareness about needs of Biotechnology based industry in Pakistan
  • Promote entrepreneurship through education & training programs
  • To promote education in local community by training programs
  • To develop socially conscious youth who have a passion to serve the nation
  • Akhuwat Microfinance Services
  • Akhuwat Institute of Social Enterprise & Management
  • Akhuwat Faisalabad Institute of Research Science and Technology
  • Akhuwat University Kasur
  • Akhuwat College for Women Chakwal
  • Akhuwat Internship and Leadership Program
  • Akhuwat Fellowship Program
  • Akhuwat Volunteer Services
  • Akhuwat Cloth Bank
  • Akhuwat My Biz Incubator Center
  • Akhuwat Khawajasira Rehabilitation Program
  • Akhuwat Health Services
  • Akhuwat Schools
  • Akhuwat FATA Project
  • Akhuwat DCTO School
  • Academic Heritage
  • Highly Qualified Faculty
  • Highest Placement Support
  • High-caliber Peer Group
  • International Tie-ups
  • International Teaching Methods
  • Excellent Learning Environment
  • Scholarships

Academic Heritage

What is meant by modern? Normally we mean it by ‘new’ which is so not appropriate for the term. The things which are new now, won’t be new after one hundred years. So the actual meaning of the term ‘modern’ is ‘New and Now’. Education in 21st century demands a balance between continuity and change. Biotechnology is essential for the sustainable development of the country. This is in fact the science of every age and the experts in this discipline are immortals and their works are the pavements to the ways that lead to the future. Biotechnology is currently being used in many areas including agriculture, bioremediation, food processing and energy production. DNA fingerprinting is becoming a common practice in forensics. Production of insulin and other medicines is accomplished through cloning of vectors that carry the chosen gene. In agriculture, genetic engineering is being used to produce plants that are resistant to insects, weeds and plant diseases. We are the first Institution in Pakistan to provide a focused and dedicated research program in Biotechnology and our mission is to develop the top biotechnology professionals to meet the needs of our country. We are working on providing state of the art lab equipment for the students to conduct their experiments and a top quality library with quality books imported from abroad to help them equip themselves with up to date knowledge of their field. As stated above, there are countless opportunities available in this field and Akhuwat FIRST is confident that our graduates will play an important role to develop and improve the different industries of Pakistan which will ultimately help our country economically.

Highly Qualified Faculty

The finest resource that Akhuwat-FIRST brings into the education space is its highly qualified and professionally experienced faculty members. These faculty members have brought knowledge of education processes, methodologies and experience in research. The faculty members work ceaselessly to inculcate complete positive transformation across processes, departments and the entire student body.

Highest Placement Support

Akhuwat-FIRST follows a process of industry integrated biotechnology education, where placement is the concluding component of an endways professional education system. Throughout the education process, the students are educated on industry-led syllabi which enable them to be market-oriented.

High-caliber Peer Group

Akhuwat-FIRST was founded with a vision to create an educational environment for the intelligent and hardworking students which enable them to emerge as intellectually and socially evolved leaders. The student body is chosen carefully so that the student intake could be appropriate in all respects.

International Tie-ups

The driving vision at Akhuwat-FIRST is to evolve into a center of international education excellence. To achieve this vision the university is continuously developing strategic international partnerships with reputed universities and institutions of higher learning across the globe. Akhuwat-FIRST's global strategy aims to develop strong and effective partnerships which provide faculty, students and researchers with opportunities for international collaboration and active involvement in multidisciplinary projects at a global level.

International Teaching Methods

Akhuwat-FIRST uses a combination of international teaching methods to ensure all-round excellence.
  • Flexible Credit System
  • Industry Tie-ups, Guided Syllabus and Integration
  • Classroom-based Learning, Project-based Learning and Research-based Learning
  • Outcome-based Learning
  • Guest lectures by illustrious corporate speakers from Pakistan and abroad

Excellent Learning Environment

Akhuwat-FIRST brings students and modern learning techniques together. Akhuwat-FIRST develops and nurtures world-class professionals and leaders, by inculcating them with what the university calls Thinking Quotient. Thinking Quotient, is going to be the competitive advantage in the 21st century and this is only attainable through quality education imparted by modern learning techniques. "Not only our degree provides a wide range of modules, but it also gives an opportunity to the students to get as much practical experience in the industry as possible".