The Pharmacogenomics and Nanobiotechnology group at Akhuwat FIRST is led by Tehreem Hayat and focuses on two research areas.


Pharmacogenomics is basically the applicability of genomics to drug development. Major objectives are,

  • To establish genotypes of patients and penetrance of a particular genotype in our population.
  • To search for potential biomarkers for treatment responses in different chronic infections.
  • To use the information of genetic variations, present among individuals in the discovery and development of more effective therapeutic agents.
  • The use of molecular profiling techniques for proper decision making in the choice of therapeutic strategy for the right person at the right time and delivering timely prevention at population level. 


Currently, we are more focused on green nanobiotechnology. Major objectives are;

  • Synthesis of oxide nanoparticles using green approaches.
  • Characterization of green nanoparticles using UV visible spectroscopy, FTIR, X-ray Diffraction, Dynamic Light Scattering, TEM and SEM.
  • Measurement of antimicrobial activities of these NPs.
  • Establishment of protocols for use of green nanoparticles in industries.