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Pre–Conference Workshop on Advances in Medical Biotechnology and Hands on training on HPLC and PCR, was arranged on 24th November, 2016 at Akhuwat-Faisalabad Institute of Research Science and Technology. Dr. Rubina Tabassum (Deputy chief Scientist) and Dr. Irfan Ali were the facilitators of workshop. There were five presentations on latest medical diagnostic techniques (Two speakers […]

Seminar at UET

January 9th, 2017 by admin

On Wednesday, 7th December, 2016, a session on “Values Based Leadership” was organized at UET by Akhuwat Youth Society and Pakistan Student’s Welfare Organization (PSWO)-UET. Session was attended by more than 800 students and faculty members along with Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid. Event started with a session by Mr. Syed Hussain Haider, […]

Biotechnology research lab was inaugurated by Federal minister of National Food Security and Research, Honorable Sikandar Hayat Bosan. Dignitaries and top officials also participated in this event. Ex-Federal Secretary, Mr. Seerat Asghar inaugurated the Glass house and agriculture facilities at Akhuwat-FIRST.

Fist International Conference on “Advancements in Biotechnology” was organized by Government Women University Faisalabad (GCWUF) and AKHUWAT-Faisalabad Institute of Research Science and Technology on 30th– 31st March, 2016. This international conference gathered more than 1100 scientists, doctors, clinical researchers and biotechnologists to elucidate on the latest discoveries and researches in their respective fields of Biotechnology. […]